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Tekne Intellegentia has experienced staff. This is why we handle different types of service, in order to focus on a better way our resources and our efforts to always provide first-hand the best service according to your requirements, so overall for our customers obtain maximum satisfaction with our services.

Success Stories

  • Designing HL7 Interfaces

    Made for the Ministry of Health of Mexico, led by Fondict-UAEM (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico), which model was customized for HL7 messages, adapted for the Mexican health system, and based on Standard NOM-024-SSA3-2010, issued by the Ministry of Health itself. Implemented 10 Domains (Patient Administration, Medical Records, Observations, Order, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Immunization, Imaging Integration, Care Provision and Blood, Tissues and Organs), with a total of 28 HL7 messages.

    Ministry of Health of MexicoFondict-UAEM
  • HL7 Interfaces Implementation

    Made for the Ministry of Health of Mexico, led by ITSON (Instituto Tecnológico de Sonora), in which we implement the HL7 Interfaces of the Electronic Health Record (called Platform Controlled Testing Electronic Health Record - Alias ​​Plataformita HL7) which has the function of the inteceder between institutions for the exchange of information (this is not a centralized electronic medical record) through web services and transporting HL7 messages, contracts prepared for connectivity Java / .net. Plataformita connection is made ​​- and vice versa Institutions: IMSS, INP (National Institute of Pediatrics), and 4 State Institutions of the Ministry of Health (Sinaloa, Nuevo León, Campeche y Veracruz).

    Ministry of Health of MexicoITSON
  • Remote Outsourcing

    Project leader on site redesign marks Grupo Posadas (,, ,,, and in the area of availability and reservations (Internet Booking Engine)

    Grupo PosadasJWM Solutions
  • Development Web Site Construcciones y Servicios Esquivel

    Web site development construction company and engineering services, HTML5, CSS3.

    Construcciones y Servicios Esquivel